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NUVO™ Wall-Plank System

NUVO™ Wall-Plank System

  • Materials

    Aluminum Sheet: 3003-H14 alloy (Suitable for paint finishes), or 5005-H34 alloy (For use with anodized finishes). Minimum thickness 20 Ga. (.032” / 0.8 mm)

    Stainless Steel Sheet: Type 304 (Standard) or 316 (For higher degree of corrosion resistance). Minimum gauge 22 Ga. (.031” / 0.8 mm)

    Galvanized Steel Sheet: Electroplated galvanized, Minimum 24 Ga.(.028” / 0.7 mm)

  • Finishes

    Aluminum: Baked polyester powder enamel, or two or three coat fluoropolymer coatings by PPG® or Valspar®, or gray polyester prime for field painting. Also Class I or II anodic treatments

    Stainless Steel: Satin brush # 4, XL-Blend “S” Super-Satin Brush, Mirror # 8, Non-Directional Brush or Random Swirl.

    Galvanized Steel Sheet: Baked polyester powder enamel, or gray polyester prime for field painting.
    * Comply with NAAMM's "Metal Finishes Manual for Architectural and Metal Products" for recommendations relative to applying and designating finishes.

  • Dimensions

    Metal Wall Planks are typically supplied as standard 6", 8", 10" and 12" widths. Custom dimensions available.

  • Acoustics

    Metal Walls are available both non-perforated (non-acoustic) and perforated (acoustic). Perforation patterns are limited only to the type of material and gauge chosen and available tooling. Presently Nelson offers more than fifty different perforation patterns ranging from diagonal, staggered to straight as well as round, square and oblong holes. Our standard acoustical material consists of a Black or Off-White pre-laminated fleece (SoundTex®) typically bonded to the concealed face of the wall panel.
    For more details and options see our booklet “Metalouges”- an introduction to architectural metals, or contact your local Nelson Sales Representative and request our Architectural Metals Binder. Mounting applications and methods will vary application to application.

  • Standard References

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