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  • System Description

    A progressive metal ceiling system perforated (Acoustical or Vented) or solid, offering an easy to install ceiling/soffit in areas that would not need 100% immediate accessibility of every panel yet provide access when required with only a few simple steps. The system if installed for exterior applications provides superior wind load compliance, subject to proper installation of the support grid when meeting local building wind load codes. Interior application of the system offers simple installation of ceiling panels that requires a multiple number of panel modifications to suit complex non geometrical ceiling configurations.

    Access panels are fitted with torsion springs when required for easy access to plenum where needed or dismantling of nearby panels (Tab and Slot Type) for access to plenum areas not reached through the torsion spring panel itself. Support system will require standard readily available hat channels in size and gauge as per applicable building codes and provided by installing Contractor.

  • Materials

    Aluminum Sheet: 3003-H14 alloy (Standard) or 5005-H34 alloy (For use with anodized finishes). Typical minimum thickness 20Ga. (.032” / 0.8 mm)g Stainless Steel Sheet: Type 304 (Standard) or 316 (For higher degree of corrosion resistance). Minimum gauge 20Ga. (.031” / 0.8 mm)

    Galvanized Steel Sheet: Galvanneal Satin Coat

  • Finishes

    Aluminum: Baked polyester powder, or two or three coat fluoropolymer coatings by PPG® or Valspar®. Class I or II anodic finishes.

    Stainless Steel: Satin brush # 4, Mirror # 8 or other readily available finishes for example, Non-Directional Brush or Random Swirl. Galvanized Steel Sheet: Baked polyester powder.

    Ourborite Wood Grain Aluminum in multiple grain and color options

  • Acoustics

    Metal Ceilings are available both non-perforated (non-acoustic) and perforated (acoustic). Perforation patterns are limited only to the type of material and gauge chosen and available tooling. Nelson offers perforation patterns including diagonal (45-degree), staggered (60-degree) to straight as well as round, square and oblong holes.

    Our standard acoustical material consists of a Black pre-laminated fleece (SoundTex®) bonded to the concealed face of the ceiling panel.

  • Standard References

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