Where durable, long-lasting and cost-effective non-commodity metal ceilings are required, Nelson Architectural Metals Division has provided solutions for commercial, institutional and transportation facilities across North America. What makes Nelson’s metal ceiling systems different from commodity-type systems is our unique fabricating capabilities that enable us to provide a wide variety of design options, from endless size or geometry variations, to material thickness and finishes. Including our mesh ceiling product solutions.

Metal ceiling panels are available in a variety of metal alloys best suited for the intended application and typically range from .032 up to .125 inches in thickness. The most common alloys are 3003-H14 for aluminum and T-304 for stainless steel panels. For optimal results, panels intended for anodizing plain (Mill) or brushed finishes generally require the use of a 5005-H34 alloy.

In addition to the aforementioned options, baked powder enamel, and two and three-coat fluoropolymer paints are commonly used to enhance the appearance of our panels. Nelson also offers a wide range of linear, non-directional and selective brushed finishes, particularly in stainless steel, as well as faux-wood options like our exclusive Ourborite™ finish.

Metal ceiling panels are available in non-perforated and perforated varieties. Non-perforated panels offer little in terms of acoustical properties and as a result are generally used in instances where other features, for example ease of cleaning or a high degree of light reflectance, are predominant factors. To achieve good acoustics (sound absorption), a perforated aluminum panel with an open area of 15 to 20 percent, together with a black acoustical fleece (SoundTex®), could produce an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.70 or higher. For areas that require either increased NRC values or a higher degree of sound blocking (typically referred to as STC or Sound Transmission Class), SoundTex® used in combination with a fibreglass matt should be used for optimum sound absorption.

Nelson AMD provides a wide range of Ceiling Baffles. Each room is different and thus requires a unique baffle size dependent upon your requirements. The size of the baffle creates a unique and functional vision for you ceiling. They can provide acoustical improvements throughout.

A wide variety of perforation patterns are available (straight, diagonal, staggered), as well as a range of hole sizes (round, square, oblong).

At Nelson Architectural Metals Division we draw from a resource base of over 150 highly skilled employees, many of whom have been engaged in this type of manufacture at Nelson for more than 25 years. Our ability to custom engineer and fabricate metal ceiling systems to meet the rigorous demands of architects and designers makes for a perfect fit from the conception to the completion of a new space.

For information on Nelson Architectural Metals Division or to solicit our engagement on a potential project, please contact a Nelson Sales Representative near you, or contact us directly. Detailed drawings, product, and finish samples pertaining to our metal ceiling systems are available upon request.


Nelson Architectural Metals Division designs, engineers and fabricates architectural metal products for virtually any commercial or institutional application. This includes decorative metal Wall panels and expanded metal Ceiling Panels (including Medium Security Ceiling system), metal Column Covers and beam wraps and unique custom architectural furnishings – all offered in painted steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Our extensive portfolio of projects includes customized installations at transit facilities, stadiums, airport terminals, universities, commercial buildings and many other applications throughout Canada and the United States. Our Custom Architectural metal fabrication team is the partner you can rely on.

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