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Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless Steel Finishes Data Sheet
Embossed Sandstone Swirl Finish
Embossed Sandstone Swirl Finish
No. 4 – Satin Brush Finish
No. 4 – Satin Brush Finish
No. 8 – Mirror Finish
No. 8 – Mirror Finish
  • Finishes

    The three most common stainless steel finishes:
    • No. 4 – Brushed finish
    • No. 8 – Mirror finish
    • Non-Directional brushed finish
  • No. 4 Brushed Finish:

    This is the most commonly used (and specified) stainless steel finish for architectural applications with a lustrous appearance obtained by the finer grain.

    Care must be taken to prevent scratches – if this finish is to be the final architectural surface – by protecting the surface with paper or plastic coating.

    Variations in the brushed surface should be expected.

    Brushing the stainless steel produces a distinctive look with a muted luster and a pattern of fine parallel lines.
  • No. 8 – Mirror Finish:

    This is the most reflective polished finish that is covered by the International Standards.

    Mirror finishes are highly reflective and created by polishing the stainless steel.

    The polishing process enhances appearance and consistency.

    A benefit of No. 8 Mirror finishing is that it improves corrosion resistance.

    The polishing eradicates crevices where corrosive particles can lodge themselves.
  • Non-directional Abrasive Finish:

    This finish exhibits a smooth, dull, randomly abraded satin finish that is less prone to soiling and easier to maintain in service. It also provides a beautiful contrast to high reflectivity mirror finishes in architectural applications.
  • No. 2B – Mill Finish:

    No. 2B is a mill finish that has not been processed further and typically used for hidden components that require the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

    This finish is not often used for architectural applications, except as flashings.
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